Benefits - the Wild Turkey

Did you know that long ago, a man reported shooting a wild turkey containing 92 undigested chestnuts? That's why we think that turkeys ate A LOT of chestnuts. There are also scattered reports of wild turkeys flying into American chestnut trees to get the nuts before they even hit the ground.

As my American chestnut family members died out, the food we supplied was replaced by hickory nuts and acorns. Turkeys have proved that they can survive on these nuts, but biologists believe that with more American chestnuts (like me) the forest could support many more animals.

Now, I have nothing against acorns… BUT did you know that I have MORE protein packed in my head? And I taste so good because I'm filled with sugar. AND because I have lots of starch, I make a great high-energy food.

Photo of a Wild Turkey.