Benefits - Harvest Us Nuts!

To harvest chestnuts today, you should collect the burs when they start to split open, because that's how you know they're ripe. This usually happens as early as mid-August in the South, and as late as October in the North. Wear work gloves, since our bur spines are very sharp. Then place the burs in a brown paper bag, in a cool, dry place. Every 2 to 3 days, remove those fallen nuts that are free of their burs. At 10 days, remove all remaining nuts, even if the burs haven't opened.

You can store our nuts in a fridge for several weeks, but first make sure you store them in breathable plastic bags (so they don't suffocate). And you can keep them up to a year if you boil or steam them first and then freeze them (it's okay, we're built for it!)

A handful of shelled American Chestnuts.