Careers -

Lynn and Carl Leopold at a chestnut preserve in Galicia, Spain. July 2000.

Plant Researcher

"I have spent much of my life fostering the restoration of forests. First, with my father on the family farm in Wisconsin where we planted over 40,000 pines. In addition to having a fine woodlot of white and red oaks in central New York, I conduct preservation work with the Finger Lakes Land Trust. On a walk through one of the Land Trust Easements in 1998, we discovered a fine chestnut, about 10 inches in diameter - a cause for serious celebration. In the summer, I traveled to Spain where I visited a remnant stand of the gorgeous Spanish chestnut trees, an inspiration to just see and touch these lovely giants."

Dr. Carl Leopold has spent his career doing research in plant physiology and currently works at the Boyce Thompson Institute of Plant Research. In addition, he was the founding president of the Finger Lakes Land Trust, and is the president of the Tropical Forestry Initiative in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican project is an effort at actual restoration of the indigenous rainforest by planting mixed stands of native hardwoods.