Culture - The Legend of My Italian Cousin

An illustration of the 5 European Chestnut trees that make up the Tree of a Hundred Horsemen. There appears to be a little doorway in one of the trunks and a tarp forming a protective roof spanning the interior area of the 5 trees.
Let me tell you about some of my relatives outside of America. One of my Italian cousins across the ocean is called the "Tree of a hundred horsemen." It's an enormous European chestnut tree on the slope of Mount Etna, in Sicily. It is often called the largest tree in the world, but some people say it's actually five trees growing together.

Thirty humans could hold hands and circle around the tree almost 200 feet in circumference. It gets its name from Queen Joan of Aragon. According to legend, when Queen Joan saw a volcano erupting, she took refuge along with her 100 horsemen under the canopy of the mighty tree.