An early 1900's photo of a woodcutter confidently sizing up a trunk of an American Chestnut Tree that is eaily 4-5 times wider than his body.. TRIVIA: There is a theory that the dominance of the American chestnut tree, as well as the blight, were a consequence of involvement with another species. Can you name the other species?

The prevailing theory is that both the dominance and later the blight were caused by involvement of the human species.

It's a fact that the American chestnut tree dominated eastern United States forests because of logging by early human settlers. When the settlers cleared an area of trees, the American chestnuts' abundance of nuts and rapid sprouting ability helped them take over the cleared space faster than other trees.

Another fact is that the blight didn't cross the ocean by itself! The blight was a direct result of humans importing non-native chestnut trees. These imported trees contained the blight - which then spread the infection to the American chestnut.