vocabulary - benefits
ar·chi·tect (noun)
One who designs and oversees the construction of buildings, homes and structures such as bridges.
clad (noun)
a protective or insulating layer
du·ra·ble (adjective)
able to withstand wear and tear or decay; long-lasting
ex·tinct (adjective)
No longer existing or living
har·vest (verb)
To gather a crop.
hav·oc (noun)
destruction; devastation or ruin
lar·va (noun singular) or lar·vae (noun plural)
The newly hatched, wingless, often wormlike form of many insects before until it undergoes metamorphosis or changes into a pupa, or chrysalis.
pop·u·lar (adjective)
widely liked or approved of; appreciated or beloved by many
se·vere (adjective)
harsh; very difficult to endure or live through