vocabulary - careers
bot·a·nist (noun)
a scientist who studies plants
in·i·tia·tive (noun)
the power to embark on bold new ventures, enterprise or business;
rem·nant (noun)
something left over, a surviving trace
re·nowned (adjective)
famous; remarkable
hon·or·ar·y (noun)
a title given out of respect for noteworthy achievement
coun·sel (noun)
to provide guidance or to advise
re·in·vig·o·rate (verb)
to restore with new life, strength or energy
en·deav·or (noun)
duty; efforts to reach a specified goal or accomplish something
fond (adjective)
cherished, dear
cram (verb)
foun·der (verb)
a person who starts or establishes something - e.g. a group, University, Company, newsletter, etc.; cofoun·der - one of the group of founders
chair·man (noun)
the officer who runs the meetings of an organization; the chairman may also be known as a president of the organization, a chairwoman, chairperson ...or a "chair" for short.
su·per·in·ten·dent (noun)
manager; director; supervisor.
ec·o·sys·tem (noun)
a dynamics or the interaction of a community of animals and their habitat
sal·vaged (noun, past tense)
saved discarded or damaged material for further use
pa·trons (noun, plural)
customers, sponsors or supporters
un·re·stor·a·ble (verb)
unable to bring back to original condition
grac·es (verb)
decorates, embellishes or adorns
do·nat·ed (verb, past tense)
contributed, to presented as a gift to a fund or cause
o·rig·i·nal (adjective)
fresh and new; the first one; an authentic piece of art
pa·tholo·gist (noun)
One who studies or investigates diseases from causes to cures and everything in between
mod·ern (adjective)
today's; of or belonging to the present time; recent, current
pes·ti·cide (noun)
a chemical used to kill pests such as unwanted insects
fos·ter·ing (verb)
nurturing; promoting the growth and development of
con·duct (verb)
manage, control or lead
phys·i·ol·o·gy (noun)
The biological study of the functions of living organisms and their parts - done by a physiologist.
in·dig·e·nous (adjective)
native; originating and growing or living in an area or environment.
stands (noun)
A group or growth of tall plants or trees: a stand of pine; mixed stands of native hardwoods is a group of different tree species -hardwood is the kind of broad-leaved trees that have hard-to-cut wood like oak trees.
Land Trust Easements (noun)

Trust - A legal title to property held by one party for the benefit of another.

Easement - Law. A right, such as a right of way, afforded a person to make limited use of another's real property; (Law) A liberty, privilege, or advantage, which one proprietor has in the estate of another proprietor, distinct from the ownership of the soil, as a way, water course, etc. It is a species of what the civil law calls servitude. --Kent.

mourn·er (noun)
One who grieves or expresses sadness for a misfortune, such as the death of a friend.