vocabulary - Poem

sen·ti·nel (noun)
a guard or sentry

foe (noun)
an enemy or opponent
a·bode (noun)
ra·di·ate (verb)
To spread out from a center into new territory; to extend from the center in straight lines
node (noun)
A knob, knot, protuberance, or swelling
con·flict (noun)
a clash; a struggle or battle
score (noun)
the number 20; the total of winning points in a contest, game or battle
pros·per (verb)
To thrive; to be fortunate or successful
e·rad·i·cate (verb)
to completely eliminate or destroy; to uproot
par·a·site (noun)
an organism that survives off another without providing anything in return
wrath (noun)
rage, fury, violent anger
wrought (verb)
worked; accomplished; commpleted; shaped
le·thal (adjective)
capable of causing death; extremely harmful: a lethal blow is a deadly hit
set (verb)
to put or plant so that it won't move, to put something in a position so that it is stable
col (noun)
A short ridge connecting two higher elevations; a pass between mountain peaks; a gap in a ridge
berm (noun)
A mound or bank of earth usually placed against a building for protection or insulation
cher·ish (verb)
to treat with tender affection; to treasure; to nurture with care
re·tain (verb)
to keep; to remember; to employ or use the services of
as·sume (verb)
To take for granted; to be unfairly taken over
fi·nite (adjective)
limited, bounded
re·source (noun)
a supply that can be taken from when needed
doomed (verb)
condemned to death or ruin
loft·y (adjective)
grand; of imposing height or reputation
Bore forth
to produce or manage
bole (noun)
a tree trunk
wield (verb)
of power or authority; handle effectively
bump·er (adjective)
Extraordinarily abundant or full: a bumper crop is a huge crop
fate (noun)
an outcome; destiny; the thought that a future event is unavoidable because no matter what you do you can't change it
stance (noun)
the attitude or point of view; the position of a standing person or animal
stark (adjective)
without any qualifications or disguise or decoration; complete or extreme; entirely; absolutely; quite
pal·lor (noun or adjective)
an unnatural lack of color
loft (verb)
bend into an arch shape
whim (noun)
a sudden desire or urge that results in an unplanned act or feeling
cleave (verb)
To adhere, cling, or stick fast; To be faithful:
moral (adjective)
virtuous, doing the right thing
vague (adjective)
not clear; hazy
sought (verb)
to have searched or looked for (from the root word "seek")
la·tent (adjective)
Undeveloped but capable of growth or being active under the proper conditions
per·sist (verb)
to continue, to last; to repeat
cru·sade (noun)
a war or great effort for a just cause or reason
has·ten (verb)
To hurry; to speed up or accellerate