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We've divided these lesson plan suggestions into 3 sections:

The following categories were designed to be either covered in sequence, or stand alone. Following are links to lesson plan suggestions for a combined online and classroom curriculum. Some lesson plan elements are repeated in different modules, so depending on which modules you cover, your lesson plans may run less than the estimated number of days. Lesson plans are also designed for maximum flexibility. Activity times are flexible, and easily segmented even for a quick preparation for a one or two day substitute teacher who may have no background in the subject area. Although we recommend covering the days in a unit in sequence, the daily lessons can stand alone and be presented over time.

Every Lesson Plan module includes a writing component, suggested relevant books or videos, and provides current events or interesting facts to stimulate classroom discussion.

These lesson plan suggestions have been reviewed by elementary school educators and pass [NJ, NY, PA and CT] state curriculum standards for Science/Social Studies as labeled.

Exclusively Online Lesson Plans

Charlie Chestnut Online is a 75 + page living history of an actual forest ecological issue. If you plan to cover the online program alone, estimations from focus groups indicate that an average class size of 25 students will require at least 3 classes, and more time if you want to include discussion and questions.

DAY ONE : intro | growing up

Scrapbook introduction

Growing Up

Chestnuts and Burs
Collar Sprouts

DAY THREE : culture | careers

Graphic knowledge map
showing concept relationships/connections.

Online/Classroom Combination Lesson Plans

Click on the links and a separate page will open with a printable 1-5 day lesson plan.

Category Name


Section Vocabulary

Please Note: We recommend (although it is not required)
reading the 3 page
Introduction to the Living History of the American Chestnut Tree
for background information before covering the other online components.

...less than 1 day introduction vocabulary
Growing Up
- the Natural Science of a Tree and Leaves including Photosynthesis
...up to 4 days
growing up vocabulary- 1
growing up vocabulary - 2
Environments - Social Studies and/or Science
(Ecology, Forest Ecology)
...up to 5 days environments vocabulary
Ecosystem Benefits for Animals and Humans
- Science (Wildlife, Biodiversity) and/or Social Studies
...up to 5 days
benefits vocabulary
- History, Science (Living History)

...up to 3 days
careers vocabulary
Genetic Research
- Science (Biology)
...up to 3 days
conservation vocabulary
The Cultural Impact of Trees
- Social Studies and/or Literature

...up to 3 days
culture vocabulary
poem vocabulary

The American Chestnut Foundation Student Art Project

Annually, The American Chestnut Foundation will exhibit the winners and runners-up American Chestnut Foundation Student Art project. These art pieces could be tree sculptures, drawings of the connections between trees and the environment, tree ornaments, essays or poems, posters, etc. ... Winners might also be featured on the website. The first place winner will receive the Charlie Chestnut Curriculum Kit.

To participate, contact The American Chestnut Foundation.