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Genetic Research - Science (Biology)

SEMESTER: Anytime.
RELATED VIDEO: • The Life and Times of Charlie Chestnut (running time 18 minutes).


  • VIDEO:
    • Charlie Chestnut (running time 18 minutes).


  • Online Component - (Include the Introduction if it wasn't already covered, then, under the "Conservation" section cover Dr. Burnham, founder of the ACF, Hybrid, Planting Us, Your personal contribution)
  • Phytopathologist profile from the Careers section.


  • ACTIVITY - Lumping and splitting exercise. Collect some things and compare them for similarities and differences. One popular exercise has been to use screws and nails of varying sizes and types (flat head, round head, phillips, varying metals, etc.) Classify or group these to form classifications. Draw the parallel that when scientists study nature, they are faced with applying similar principles of classifying different species and their connecting relationships.